Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Drawing a giraffe

Been meaning to learn how to draw a giraffe for a couple of months, so yesterday I decided to try drawing one for Miss Buggle's snack bag. I expect I'll run into some issues when I try drawing an entire giraffe instead of just the head and neck, but I was happily surprised at how easy it was to draw a simple semi-realistic giraffe -- almost as easy as a dog, and a little easier than a mouse or rat.

pigma micron pens, prismacolors

I wanted especially to make a note of this drawing because it's really the first time I've had a piece speak to me with total clarity...I've had a few pieces that seemed to be trying to tell me something, or hinting at something, but this one came right out and instructed me, in a tone that brooked no argument, to put away my brown and yellow shades and use blue and purple instead.  I didn't expect my drawings to have a mind of their own, or to speak to me as clearly as my fictional characters have; I thought that was just a writing thing.  But this giraffe (and the one I did in watercolor) wanted to be blue and purple, and I think if I hadn't had the right colors with me, I'd've had to go find them.

I think I expected it to be more on the level of a horse (one of the few things I've had to table in my quest to learn how to draw All The Things...I have managed to sketch out a couple of passable unicorns, but horses - especially realistic horses - are still out of reach) ...but it's actually much, much easier.  Now I just have to practice drawing different giraffes, so I don't slip into drawing the same one over and over.  Yesterday I drew three - Miss Buggle was so taken with her snack bag, she asked me to draw another one for her to color in, and then I drew one for myself on one of my vintage book pages, because I wanted to use my watercolor pencils on it.

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