Monday, October 26, 2015

hello, world! ok bye

It seems to me that when someone starts a brand new blog (or hauls out, dusts off, and re-starts an old one), she ought to have a spectacular, brilliant, hilarious, moving, deep - or at the least, very very witty - post to kick things off. And if I had a post like that tucked up my sleeve (or better yet, written out on my computer), I'd sure use it as the very first super-special inaugural post of my brand new (ish) blog. Since I don't, and since it's become increasingly apparent that it isn't going to write itself, I hereby present to the world at large the very first post of my scintillating, riveting, insightful and spellbinding blog.

And now, because I'm a vendor at Comikaze this coming weekend and would be hard-pressed to think of how I could be LESS prepared, I am going to get back to work.

Also, here is a drawing, in honor of Inktober. I was excited about taking part in Inktober and planned to do a new pen and ink drawing every day of the month. Shockingly, that did not happen. But I did do a few.
Zentangle Feather - © Ann Rose Thomas
Zentangle® Feather - Pigma Micron pens, Spectrum Noir alcohol markers